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Dance With Me :iconmeganbloodyrose:meganbloodyrose 16 19
Knives And Pens fic
Their calls haunted my thoughts and terrorized my brain. The relentless teasing that I endured all through out my school years, was now back. They always ask what's the price of fame? This is. After I dropped out of high school I surrounded myself with only people who were like me, or at least understood me.
Fame though has earned me a new place in the hell that I once thought I had gotten out of. I built this band, to show others the same home I found. And now the very walls of that kingdom were being threaten to be torn down.
Humanity it's self is very cruel, constantly bring others down. I always asked my mom, why was I born this way? I was everything you could hate. I looked and dressed different, had long hair, was in a 'screamo' band, never the proper weight, an atheist (I had lost all faith in god many years ago) and to top it all off gay.
"Freak!" the calls pounded my brain as I walk
:iconpatdrydenforever21:PATDRydenforever21 51 39
Bewitching Midnight: Chapter 4
Bewitching Midnight: Chapter 4,Dahvie Vanity x Jayy Von Monroe
"It was pleasure to meet you Tara..."The tall teen said to the mother of his best friend, smiling sweetly. "I'll make sure Dahvie gets home safely..."
Dahvie didn't know that this wasn't the first time that Jayy had met Mrs. Torres... but that was many years ago. Jayy had learned to forget that day, it was a painful memory...
Mrs. Torres, Tara, looked Jayy straight in the eyes knowingly. Poor Dahvie is's better if he doesn't remember... the ebony haired boy sighed.
At 'The Devil's Carnival'
The fairground site wasn't far from where Dahvie lived with his mum. Usually it would just be a few stalls and some funfair rides. But today 'The Devil's Carnival' was in town, it was sure to be gothic, mysterious and 'freaky'. The colourful haired boy grinned at the idea of a carnival with demons. He hated the demons in his dark dreams but somehow they struck something in his body that nothing else could.
Once they had ar
:icontsubakiukitake:TsubakiUkitake 18 26
murrrrrr by ashvanb murrrrrr :iconashvanb:ashvanb 4 2
Take This To Heart Ch 3
Chapter 3: Cold Hard Bitch, Just A Kiss On The Lips And I Was On My Knees
It was heartwarming waking up the next morning with Andy in my arms. I didn't want to leave, but I knew that I had work later on today. He looked so peaceful when he was asleep that I just had to mess with him. I kissed his forehead and started to kiss down his face slowly until I reached his lips. I saw his eye peak open before I made contact. He kissed back a little, parting his lips and letting me in, I didn't leave one corner of his mouth unexplored. Andy had the sweetest taste to him.
"This is the best way to wake up." He hummed scooting in closer to me. "Good morning Ashes."
"Morning Bright Eyes. I don't ever want to leave your bed."
"Then don't."
"I have to go to work today."
"Yeah, so do I." He got up and out of the bed. His milky white skin was painted different shades of red and purple from the night before. I couldn't help but laugh at the sight of my hand print on his ass. "What's so funny?"
"You brui
:iconsunnychina12:sunnychina12 33 18
It Feels Like I'm Falling In Love Alone 16
Chapter 16: We Said No More War, No More Clothes, Give Me Peace. Oh Kiss Me.
"You know what. I can't take this anymore." I yelled into my pillow.
"Did you say something baby?" Ash asked turning away from his computer. He was sitting at the desk, toying with a black bag he brought back with him. I fear what's in it. Tonight is our last night in the hotel. We have to be up early tomorrow and back on the road to get to our next stop.
"Nothing. Just letting out some rage." I want him. No. I need him so bad. I'm sick of his teasing and his constantly touching himself and me. I don't care what happens to my reputation after this, but I need to fuck him.
"Hey Andy, can I talk to you about something real quick?" He smiled grabbing the bag and rolling the office chair over to me. That bag is still scary. I don't want to know what's in it.
"Yeah. What's up?" I sat up and faced him.
"About this bet. It's so stupid, don't you think?" He smiled at me.
"Yes. Oh god yes! Baby, why do we do this to ea
:iconsunnychina12:sunnychina12 28 21
Yeah, another one by Sweeney6 Yeah, another one :iconsweeney6:Sweeney6 26 5 I'm sexy and you know it by Sweeney6 I'm sexy and you know it :iconsweeney6:Sweeney6 39 65 So sorry by Sweeney6 So sorry :iconsweeney6:Sweeney6 25 15 Never learning by Sweeney6 Never learning :iconsweeney6:Sweeney6 8 149
Kiss The Lips Of Evil Ch. 35 - Andy
"How about Dennis if it's a boy." I smiled pushing the cart down the isle. Ash and I have been married for seven years and a little over nine months ago we decided to have a baby. He was visiting his Mom and Dad for a while.
"Great. And Ashlynn if it's a girl." He laughed into the phone. "I miss you."
"I miss you too. Come home soon though, I've got good news for you." I was bubbling over. I wanted to tell him the news, but I had to wait until I saw the expression on his face.
"I'll be back tomorrow night. Wait up for me?"
"I will."
"Love you baby."
"Love you too Ashley. Bye." I hung up the phone and went down the isle for toys. I couldn't wait until Ash was home.
"Baby, I'm home." I heard him call from the front door. I ran down the stairs and jumped into his arms. "I missed you so much." He smiled. We moved into a house in a small suburb a few years ago when we started talking about babies.
"I know. Come upstairs to the babies room. I want to show you something." I kissed him and pul
:iconsunnychina12:sunnychina12 43 42
Ashley, Baby
Heard this song by Escape the fate and I HAD to write this… Andy Beirsack and Ashley Purdy pairing…
Shadows fall on yesterday,
its like time just slips away.
Andy Beirsack sat with his head between his knees outside his trailer.  It was July and it was hot, as an understatement.  He could hear the music from the ETF party trailer by him.  Craig wasn't kidding when he said he liked to rock.  Andy groaned.  He should not have spent yesterday partying with him and Asking Alexandra and who knows all else.  He shook his head and looked up squinting in the bright sunshine.  He shook his head and leaned against the hot metal of the trailer.  He knew very well why he had been there.  Ashley had brought another girl back last night.  He had just wanted to forget the sight of Ashley and that girl.  All the memories of Ashley, as amazing as he was, seemed to be crowded in
:iconfreiheitintraumen:FreiheitInTraumen 39 125
Mature content
everything ends.... :iconcharliegirl123:charliegirl123 27 29
FMA: neko Ed x inu Roy :3 by nennisita1234 FMA: neko Ed x inu Roy :3 :iconnennisita1234:nennisita1234 413 119 Buncha COLOUR by viciousN Buncha COLOUR :iconviciousn:viciousN 350 65 Two Worlds... by DolphyDolphiana Two Worlds... :icondolphydolphiana:DolphyDolphiana 128 25




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